Welcome to Quality Culture Excellent Results

With every customer, QE aims to make big changes in organisational culture which will impact quickly on results. The change in behaviour and performance will last beyond our stay at your organisation because they are cultural.

QE will help you to:

  • Improve your KPI’s
  • Increase your income and reduce your costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Make staff happier and more productive

QE believes that:

  • Excellent results are generated by positive organisational culture and leadership
  • Continuous improvement is based on quality management principles, KPI and service improvement
  • The best relationships come from honest dealing
  • The best relationships are based on value for money and fairness

Our services include: interim management, workshops and training, coaching and consultancy. We are able to assist with operational management, planning and strategy, as well as practical advice and assistance.

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We look forward to hearing from you.

The QE Team.

Recent Assignments

  • Interim Head of Estates & Neighbourhoods
  • Interim Head of Facilities Management
  • Interim Head of Estates & Facilities
  • Interim Operations Director
  • Interim Head of Voids & Lettings
  • Interim Head of Neighbourhood Services
  • Interim Housing Director

Excellent Results!

Increased customer satisfaction:

  • Increased overall tenant satisfaction by 14%
  • Increased overall tenant satisfaction by 16%
  • Increased satisfaction with estate management by 12%

Staff results:

  • Increased staff satisfaction from 36% to 72%
  • Reduced staff sickness rate from 10% to 4%

Empty Property reduction and process efficiency:

  • Reduced average relet time from 47 days to 15 days
  • Reduced the number of empty properties by 200, reducing monthly costs by £250k
  • 25 day reduction in average relet time

Rent collection and rent arrears reduction:

  • 4.75% to 2.05% reduction in rent arrears
  • Reduced rent arrears by 50%
  • Reduced rent arrears by 33%