Ed Butler, Lead Consultant, Credentials & Profile

Ed Butler

My personal mission is to improve KPI performance for my clients whilst improving people’s lives. A positive organisation culture with a clear focus on improvement increases the quality of services, customer and staff satisfaction. Improved processes, system efficiency, and organisational effectiveness enables a stronger commercial focus.

I have set out below my experience and awards achieved below. You can see my excellent results to the right of this panel.


  • Lectured on Further and Higher Education courses
  • Worked in two Housing & Social Care Departments
  • Head of Quality in a PFI company contracted to a London authority
  • Led a PFI in North London
  • Undertaken 7 interim assignments across Facilities Management, Estates, Neighbourhoods, Housing Management, and Repairs and Maintenance
  • Vice Chair of an excellence assessment and awarding body
  • QE Lead Consultant

I have achieved all of the well-known excellence awards three times or more for different organisations including: Customer Service Excellence, Investors In People, Investors In Excellence. Also, achieved ISO 9001 and am a trained assessor in the Excellence Model and for London Excellence. I have also won a Results Focus award and been finalist in: Customer Focus, Making Partnerships Work, and Corp Comms.

Recent Assignments

  • Interim Head of Estates & Neighbourhoods
  • Interim Head of Facilities Management
  • Interim Head of Estates & Facilities
  • Interim Operations Director
  • Interim Head of Voids & Lettings
  • Interim Head of Neighbourhood Services
  • Interim Housing Director

Excellent Results!

Increased customer satisfaction:

  • Increased overall tenant satisfaction by 14%
  • Increased overall tenant satisfaction by 16%
  • Increased satisfaction with estate management by 12%

Staff results:

  • Increased staff satisfaction from 36% to 72%
  • Reduced staff sickness rate from 10% to 4%

Empty Property reduction and process efficiency:

  • Reduced average relet time from 47 days to 15 days
  • Reduced the number of empty properties by 200, reducing monthly costs by £250k
  • 25 day reduction in average relet time

Rent collection and rent arrears reduction:

  • 4.75% to 2.05% reduction in rent arrears
  • Reduced rent arrears by 50%
  • Reduced rent arrears by 33%