Strategic Workshops

Quality Culture Excellent Results

This workshop gives you a position statement in a day and helps you achieve excellent results by creating a quality culture:

  • Identify critical success areas for your organisation
  • Establish whether services are fit for purpose
  • Provide an organisation culture analysis
  • Understand the inputs needed to drive excellent results
  • Agreed performance levels
  • Agreed defintion of excellent for your organisation
  • Action plan to enhance quality culture and achieve excellent results


This workshop creates team and service visions that are aligned with your organisational vision. Ownership of the corporate model is achieved across all service areas and teams involved in the day:

  • Create a detailed vision for your organisation
  • Provide links from organisation vision to team visions
  • Teams contribute to achieve the strategic framework
  • Participants understand the reasons for the organisational direction
  • Action plan to achieve organisation and team visions

Living Our Values 

This workshop is a safe and positive environment for participants to discuss the organisations stated values, how well behaviours within the organisation reflect the organisations formal values, and action planning to better align values and behaviours:

  • Reinforces the organisations values
  • Participants score how well each value is being lived
  • Identifies values which are reflected in staff and manager behaviour
  • Identifies values which are not reflected in staff and manager behaviour
  • Identifies how to improve where values are not being lived and how desired behaviours can be encouraged

Bespoke Workshops

Delivered dozens of workshops based on customers needs at every level involving staff, managers, leaders, board members, tenants and leaseholders. Contact QE for a no obligation discussion.

Recent Assignments

  • Interim Head of Estates & Neighbourhoods
  • Interim Head of Facilities Management
  • Interim Head of Estates & Facilities
  • Interim Operations Director
  • Interim Head of Voids & Lettings
  • Interim Head of Neighbourhood Services
  • Interim Housing Director

Excellent Results!

Increased customer satisfaction:

  • Increased overall tenant satisfaction by 14%
  • Increased overall tenant satisfaction by 16%
  • Increased satisfaction with estate management by 12%

Staff results:

  • Increased staff satisfaction from 36% to 72%
  • Reduced staff sickness rate from 10% to 4%

Empty Property reduction and process efficiency:

  • Reduced average relet time from 47 days to 15 days
  • Reduced the number of empty properties by 200, reducing monthly costs by £250k
  • 25 day reduction in average relet time

Rent collection and rent arrears reduction:

  • 4.75% to 2.05% reduction in rent arrears
  • Reduced rent arrears by 50%
  • Reduced rent arrears by 33%